Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Round Top, Texas

 Memorial day weekend Dana and I took the travel trailer out to Weimar.  On Sunday we took a day trip up to Round Top. We wanted to check out a few of the antique and specialty shops.

Round Top is home to the largest Antique Fair in the United States.

Beautiful courtyard and church.

After looking in a few stores we stopped at Bistro Napoletana for lunch. They have amazing pizza. It is cooked in a fire brick oven, they use live oak wood. The owner was friendly, he even let me go in the back to see the oven and how the pizza is made. 

Excellent pizza and a couple of craft beers = happiness.

After lunch we walked around the town and ran across the three amigos. 

Friendly donkey.

They loved to have their heads scratched. How cute is that, lol.

After a little more shopping we decided to have a slice of world famous Royers pie before heading back to the Rv. Dana had a slice of the Junk Berry Pie.  Scott had the blueberry lemon, both were fantastic. If you visit Round Top be sure to stop at Royers Pie Haven, Yum!

Until next time, Eat Pie Love.

Monday, May 16, 2016

 2016 Houston Greekfest

This past weekend I wanted to surprise Dana and take her the grand opening of the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern. Romantic, huh? Little did I know reservations are required, soo....plan B

Despite the 100 percent humidity we still had a great time. 
I think we even enjoyed this Greekfest more than the one downtown in October. 

We took a tour of St. Basil the Great Greek Orthodox church. Beautiful!

Lots of vendors selling Greek merchandise were set up around the grounds.

Dana purchased a really neat bracelet. 

Traditional Greek dancing.

We decided to have lunch before the Gyro eating contest started. 
Dana had the Pasticcio plate. 

Scott had the Gyro. Delicious!

We meet World Competitive Eating Champion Matt "Megatoad" Stonie before the contest. 
Super nice guy!

I don't remember this guys name but he was hilarious.
Think he is the official announcer for most of the eating contest.  

On the left was Joey Chestnut and on the right Matt Stonie.
This was almost at the end of the contest and they were tied at 27.

And the winner is.... Joey Chestnut.

This was our first time attending an eating competition. 
Lots of Fun!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Star Wars Art Festival 

This past Sunday we went to the 5th annual Star Wars Art Festival in Downtown Houston. We haven't been to this festival before and Dana wanted to do something different for Mothers day. I'm really glad she chose this event because we had a great time.  

Dana and I at the Star Wars Art Festival

The festival was located in an old warehouse that has been decorated with graffiti art.
Graffiti art on the outside of the warehouse

Graffiti art on the outside of the warehouse. 

Admission was only $5 a person. They also had a DJ and complementary drinks. 
The entrance 

Lots of interesting art work for sale by some very talented local Houston artist. 


Over a dozen vendors were selling arts and crafts, t shirts and Star Wars collectibles.

Deep Eddy vodka had a stand set up with complementary drinks. 
Cheers Sith Yoda!

Deep Eddy Vodka

Time for a snack from one of the food trucks set up in the parking lot. 
We split an order of fries and blue crab hush puppies. 
The blue crab hush puppies were amazing!

Blue Crab Hush Puppies, YUM!

Mountain of greasy fries

Until next time, Live Long and Prosper!

Stormtrooper Spock, lol

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kemah TX

This past weekend we went to the Kemah Boardwalk. 

Kemah has really grown over the years, definitely a tourist destination. Lots of shops, restaurants, games and rides. In the center of the courtyard they have a huge fountain. 

They also have live music on the weekends. This past weekend the Grateful Geezers preformed. 

Waterside dining overlooking Galveston bay.

Feeders are set up along the boardwalk that sell what looks to be dog food so you can feed the fish. "Someone" decided to feed the hungry grackle despite the sign saying not to. Mr Grackle did a pretty good job of catching the treats midair. 

At the end of the pier they have a small amusement park. 

After doing a little shopping we headed over to the stingray reef. It's located below the Aquarium restaurant.

Admission and stingray food will run you $7.

Snack time. 

Friendly rays.

The exhibit also featured several aquariums, dart frogs and a pygmy crocodile. 

Dart frogs.

Pygmy African crocodile. 

After feeding the stingrays we stopped at Skallywag suds and grub before heading home. We really like this place. It has a laid back atmosphere and some of the best wings in Texas.

Smoked buffalo wings, Amazing!